I believe that listening is the foundation for every form of communication.


I know how much information I absorb through my ears and eyes and choose to put forth the effort to absorb as much information from the universe as possible.


I look for clues to learn about others when someone speaks to me. I ask questions to encourage them to tell me more. I am interested in finding out who this person is.


I pay attention to what they say and notice when they stop talking. I note any feelings or emotions that may pass by and see when they become distracted and lose track of the conversation.


I also notice whether they seem happy, sad, or angry. I notice if they seem to be enjoying themselves.


By observing my inner experience, I have the opportunity to catch my negative habits, such as gossiping.


When I notice my habit, I remind myself of my goal. I remember to catch myself and interrupt my negative pattern.


I appreciate myself for having the courage to change my negative pattern, and I am courageous enough to do so. I have the power to let go of my negative thinking.


Today, I choose to listen intently. I listen for detail, nuances, and any hidden meanings. I listen until I understand everything because I am an excellent listener.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. Which parts of my life tend to make me less of an excellent listener?
  2. Can I think of specific ways to improve my listening skills?
  3. How can I be more attentive as a listener to myself and others?

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