Developed by Daniela Aneva, MCC, ACTC, GCDF, ESIA, EIA, MPsych , Inga Bielińska, MCC, ESIA, EIA, ITCA, ACTC, MA, and Monica Guevara Ph.D., MCC, ACTC in 2023, the HexaHelix team coaching supervision model stands as a cutting-edge calibration framework designed to amplify the impact of team coaches. This model empowers coaches with deeper insights, allowing them to make a more substantial impact on their clients, teams, organizations, and self-development. The HexaHelix model is predicated upon a coach’s ability to bring clarity and insight to their practice through cases, themes, co-coach relationships, or specific situations that arise in their professional journey.

The Role of the Coach in Supervision

During the supervision session, the coach becomes the client, seeking guidance and partnership from the supervisor. By externalizing issues encountered in their practice, coaches are offered an invaluable perspective and reflective space to refine their approach.

The Client Concept

As part of the HexaHelix model, the team coach-client dynamic is redefined through the introduction of the Client concept—a multifaceted view that captures various stakeholders integral to the coaching process. These stakeholders include:

  • The individual team members being coached
  • The wider team unit
  • Organizational leadership
  • The organizational culture within which the team operates

Recognizing and navigating these varied dimensions is fundamental for delivering transformative results that resonate at every level of the organization.

Understanding the Context

Context encapsulates the broad environment influencing the team coaching engagement. This encompasses:

  • The industry-specific elements shaping team dynamics
  • Organizational structure, governance, and policies
  • The prevailing cultural and political climate inside the organization
  • Key stakeholders involved indirectly with the team

Understanding the context is crucial for a tailored coaching approach that is congruent with environmental demands and nuances.

The Impact of Collaboration

Collaboration extends into the realm of external contributors—auxiliary professionals and resources that enrich the coaching process. These collaborators can encompass:

  • External vendors providing specialized tools
  • Personality assessments and diagnostic instruments
  • Team building companies offering experiential learning opportunities
  • Retreat centers hosting intensive developmental sessions

Exploring the integration and leverage of such collaborations is instrumental in enhancing the effectiveness of team coaching supervision.

Profiling the Team Coaching Supervisor

The Team Coaching Supervisor emerges as a linchpin for fostering the efficacy of team coaching practices. They exemplify:

Practical Experience: Drawing from extensive coaching experience, supervisors provide grounded wisdom and relatable insights.

Theoretical Knowledge: A deep understanding of coaching theories and models informs their supervisory stance.

Emotional Intelligence: Navigating the emotional terrain of coaching requires high emotional acuity and empathetic communication skills.

Ethical Conduct: Upholding the highest ethical standards is paramount for trust and integrity in the coaching relationship.

Facilitative Mindset: Acting as facilitators, they are committed to unlocking a coach’s potential through guidance rather than directive means.

This composite profile outlines the multi-dimensional expertise a Team Coaching Supervisor must possess to nurture team coaches’ growth effectively and, by extension, the teams they support.

The HexaHelix team coaching supervision model, conceived by Daniela Aneva, MCC, ACTC, GCDF, ESIA, EIA, MPsych, Inga Bielińska, MCC, ESIA, EIA, ITCA, ACTC, MA, and Monica Guevara Ph.D., MCC, ACTC, represents a comprehensive boon for the professional development of team coaches. It encourages introspection, adaptability, and a holistic outlook on the intricate web of relationships central to organizational progress. The HexaHelix model promises to fortify coaches with a robust framework, enabling them to create ripples of positive change across the teams and organizations they partner with.

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