Welcome to the next step in your journey to becoming an exceptional team coach. Our Level Two Team Coaching Training Program is a continuation of the transformative path you began in Level One. This program offers you the opportunity to earn credits towards the ICF-accredited ACTC (Accredited Coach Training Center) program while expanding your expertise in team coaching.

Building on Level One Fundamentals

In Level Two, we delve deeper into the world of team coaching, building upon the fundamentals you mastered in Level One. Here’s what you can expect to explore:

1. The Team Coach’s Perspective

Team coaching isn’t just about the team; it’s also about the coach’s role and perspective. We’ll guide you in understanding what happens for the team coach during sessions. Gain insights into your own reactions, biases, and narratives, and how these elements can impact the team dynamics.

2. Uncover Hidden Biases and Narratives

One of the key challenges for a team coach is recognizing and addressing their own biases and narratives that might unconsciously influence their coaching sessions. We’ll equip you with tools and techniques to identify these hidden influences and ensure they don’t negatively affect your coaching.

3. Holding the Space

As a team coach, there will be moments when the team needs your guidance, support, or even a pause to reflect. Learn how to hold the space effectively, providing a safe and nurturing environment for the team to explore, grow, and succeed.

4. Managing Hidden Emotions

Teams are complex entities with a multitude of emotions simmering beneath the surface. In this program, you’ll discover how to handle hidden emotions such as conflicts, competition, and tensions within the team. We’ll teach you strategies to manage and channel these emotions towards constructive outcomes.

5. Conflict Resolution and Competition Management

Conflict is a natural part of team dynamics, but it can be a double-edged sword. Learn to recognize the difference between healthy competition and detrimental conflicts. Acquire the skills to mediate disputes, foster collaboration, and create a harmonious team environment.

The Benefits of Level Two Team Coaching Training

By choosing our Level Two Team Coaching Training Program, you’ll experience a multitude of benefits:

  • ICF Accreditation: Earn credits towards the ICF-accredited ACTC program, solidifying your status as a recognized and proficient team coach.
  • Enhanced Coaching Skills: This program provides advanced tools and strategies to help you excel in your role as a team coach.
  • Deep Self-Awareness: Understand your own biases and narratives and use this self-awareness to enhance your coaching effectiveness.
  • Empower Teams: Equip yourself to navigate the emotional intricacies of teams, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and collaboration.
  • Higher Demand and Compensation: Advanced team coaches are in high demand, and this program can help you command higher fees for your services.

Join Us on the Journey to Team Coaching Excellence

Our Level Two Team Coaching Training Program is designed for those who are dedicated to advancing their team coaching skills and achieving excellence. Whether you’re already an experienced team coach or have recently completed Level One, this program will empower you to reach new heights in your coaching practice.

Enroll in our Level Two Training Program today to get closer to the ICF accreditation, gain a profound understanding of the team coach’s perspective, and master the art of managing biases, narratives, emotions, conflicts, and competitions within teams. Take your team coaching skills to the next level and enhance your career in ways you never thought possible.

This is a weekend program and is offered on the following dates: 25-26 November, 2023; 3-4 February, 2024; 13-14 April, 2024; 28-29 September, 2024 and 9-10 November , 2024;

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today to learn more about our Level Two Team Coaching Training Program and accelerate your journey to becoming a highly skilled and accredited team coach.

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