Do you want to become a stronger in your field coach, who is capable to handle not only difficult client challenges, but also your own emotions and biases? Are you looking to develop a strong business practice as a Team coach? Are you struggling sometimes with the partnership with your co-coach?

In this team coaching supervision program, we are using an unique model – HexaHelix, developed by Aneva, Guevara and Bielinska, which will help you turn upside-down your session, provoke you, help you reflect and learn and do a deep dive in your practice as a coach.

Group Team Coaching Supervision is fostering learning to take place within in a small group cohort, to provide a collaborative experience alongside other like-minded coaches looking to cultivate their personal growth.

Group Team Coaching Supervision is a team coaches’ development process to promote collaboration, efficiency, and quality of work in order to improve team coaches’ performance and achievement of common goals ( when co-coaching ).

Team Supervision/Coaching is a very good support for team coaches in situations when it’s necessary:

  • create a common vision for the future, common goals, and action plan;
  • arrange the structure – responsibilities, roles, and resources;
  • resolve mutual conflicts between co-coaches or problem situations;
  • learn more effective ways of communication and collaboration;
  • unlock the potential of the team coach through reflection on the experience during a session;
  • prepare the team coach for changes and support it through the change process;
  • promote mutual trust and reliability between the co-coaches;
  • Reflect on the team coach’s emotions during a session;
  • address biases and focus on inclusivity during sessions.

Team coaching supervision is distinctly different from all the other courses on the market, it allows team coaches to discover influences from the system around them on the team coaching experience, it gives a clear view on where are the blind spots of a team coach and addresses them.

Team Coaching Supervision is a safe space in which you can reflect on the experience you have with the teams you are coaching, the impact you are making, and how the work is impacting you.

Team coaching can be deeply rewarding, and it can also be stretched on many levels! It can test us morally and ethically, we can get hooked by team dynamics, or consumed by the system and unable to see a way through. Supervision provides you with the support and challenge you need on the road to mastery as a team coach.

There are many coach supervisors available to choose from for one-to-one coaching supervision, however, very few are qualified supervisors, and practiced and experienced team coaches. Team coaching is way more complex and demanding than one-to-one coaching, so we recommend that all practicing team coaches receive ongoing supervision from a professional team coaching supervisor.

If you recently got your first ICF accreditation on Team coaching or you are simply doing Team coaching for quite some time, you probably already feel the need to reflect on your experience with someone who knows the process and can challenge you from the complex perspective of a supervisor. How the session went for you? What were your and your co-coach roles? When went well and what didn`t and how this experience resonated with you? How you could have done better, felt better, and achieved more?

Those Super-Vision sessions are led by an accredited MCC and Team Coach and EMCC Supervisor.

Individual supervision for Team coaching accreditation is also available for purchase.

We will address those and other important questions within our Group Team Supervision Cohort starting on May 4th, 2024. It will cover 6 sessions of 60 minutes and the sessions will be from 5-6 pm EST and the sessions will happen every week at the same time.