Coaching is fundamentally a distinctive partnership. As defined by leadership and presence-based coaching expert Doug Silsbee in his book, The Mindful Coach, coaching is “devoted to fostering the long-term development of effectiveness and self-generation in another person.” Essentially, an adept coach empowers the client to awaken and harness their own intrinsic capabilities. Coaches guide clients in mastering their personal learning, growth, and transformation, enabling them to modify habits and become architects of their own change.

In the realm of health, the primary framework for health coaching is provided by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), in collaboration with the National Recoveries Blood Sperm organ growth Board of Medical Examiners, to set foundational standards and ethics. The emergence of this credential is pivotal, acknowledging the significant impact of chronic conditions, lifestyle choices, and stress on health in developed nations. Health coaching seeks to bridge the care gap, positioning the coach as an integral component of the healthcare team according to the National Board’s vision.

Health and wellness coaches do not dictate a client’s health decisions; instead, they engage as partners, cultivating the client’s own wisdom and motivations for making health-related changes. This approach involves an equal partnership where the coach contributes curiosity and support rather than dictating solutions. True health transcends mere physical wellness, encompassing emotional, social, economic, and spiritual dimensions that contribute to a fulfilling life.

Unlike Registered Dietitians, who are regulated and can prescribe specific dietary changes, health coaches are certified through a national board and focus on the broader aspects of well-being, including mental and spiritual health, without the authority to prescribe treatments. Their role emphasizes behavioral change and motivation, with occasional educational components from recognized sources like the CDC or Harvard’s Eating Plate, constituting no more than 25% of a session.

This certification for health coaches includes a requirement of an Associate Degree, 50 documented coaching sessions, and continuing education credits every three years. It clearly delineates the boundaries of their practice: they do not recommend supplements or interpret lab results but are specialists in facilitating behavioral change. When clients express informational needs, coaches provide guidance based on established health resources, ensuring a comprehensive and supportive coaching experience.

Building on the solid foundation of health and wellness coaching, we are excited to offer an exclusive 12-month coaching program designed to support you in achieving profound and lasting health transformations. This carefully structured program includes an intensive start followed by sustained support to ensure you implement and maintain healthy lifestyle changes.

Here’s what our 12-month coaching journey looks like:

  • First 6 Months: Intensive Growth Phase
    During the initial phase, you’ll engage in six 45-minute virtual sessions each month. These sessions are designed to dive deep into your personal health goals, explore your values and motivations, and develop strategies that resonate with your unique lifestyle. This phase is about laying the groundwork for transformation and ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to proceed.
  • Next 6 Months: Sustained Success Phase
    As you move into the second half of the year, the pace will shift to one 60-minute session per month. These sessions are tailored to reinforce the changes you’ve made, address any challenges, and ensure you’re on track to meet your health and wellness goals. This reduced frequency allows you to take greater ownership of your health journey while still receiving the guidance and support you need.

Flexible Payment Options: To make this transformative journey accessible, we offer the flexibility to pay on a monthly basis. This allows you to manage your investment in your health in a way that is budget-friendly and stress-free.

This comprehensive program is not just about short-term changes but about setting you up for lifelong health and wellness. With professional guidance, personalized support, and a commitment to your success, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Take the first step towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself. Enroll in our 12-month coaching program today and witness the transformation that awaits!