Welcome to the pinnacle of team coaching expertise. Our Advanced Level Team Coaching Training Program represents the highest level of proficiency in team coaching. By enrolling in this program, you not only elevate your coaching skills to new heights but also earn coveted credits towards the ICF-accredited ACTC (Accredited Coach Training Center) program.

Building on Your Level Two Foundation

In the Advanced Level Training Program, we build upon the solid foundation you established in Level Two. This advanced program will equip you with the knowledge and skills to become a masterful team coach. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

1. The Team of Teams Perspective

Team coaching doesn’t end with individual teams; it extends to the broader organizational ecosystem. In this program, we explore the concept of “Scrum of Scrums” from Agile methodology, applying it to the world of team coaching. You’ll learn how to view teams as part of a larger system, which includes other teams, departments, chapters, clients, customers, and more.

2. Understanding the Impact of the Broader System

To be an effective team coach at the advanced level, it’s crucial to comprehend how external systems influence the teams you work with. You’ll gain insights into how different parts of the organization, clients, and external factors impact team dynamics and performance. This holistic perspective is essential for driving meaningful change and sustainable success.

3. Team Coaching Supervision

To become the best team coach you can be, continuous self-improvement is key. Team coaching supervision is a powerful tool that allows you to reflect on your practice, discover blind spots, and refine your coaching approach. It’s a platform for enhancing your self-awareness, addressing challenges, and fine-tuning your interactions with teams.

The Benefits of Advanced Level Team Coaching Training

This program offers numerous benefits for coaches looking to reach the pinnacle of their careers:

  • ICF Accreditation: Earn advanced credits towards the ICF-accredited ACTC program, further solidifying your status as a recognized and accomplished team coach.
  • Strategic Thinking: Develop the ability to view teams within the broader context of an organization, enhancing your strategic thinking and decision-making skills.
  • Systemic Coaching Mastery: Master the art of systemic coaching, enabling you to bring about transformational change at an organizational level.
  • Self-Reflective Practice: Team coaching supervision fosters self-awareness, helping you become more attuned to your own coaching style and its impact on teams.
  • Expanded Career Opportunities: The demand for advanced team coaches is on the rise. This program positions you for exciting career opportunities and higher compensation.

Join Us on the Journey to Team Coaching Mastery

Our Advanced Level Team Coaching Training Program is tailored to experienced team coaches who are dedicated to reaching the highest level of mastery. Whether you’ve recently completed Level Two or have years of team coaching experience, this program will empower you to become a recognized expert in your field.

Enroll in our Advanced Training Program today to earn ICF accreditation as ACTC team coach, acquire a deep understanding of the systemic perspective, and refine your coaching practice through supervision. Take your team coaching skills to the zenith and unlock unparalleled career opportunities.

This program is offered during the following weekends: 17-18 January , 2024; 16-17 March, 2024; 15-16 June, 2024; 21-22 September, 2024; 14-15 December, 2024;

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Contact us today to learn more about our Advanced Level Team Coaching Training Program and become a masterful team coach with the power to shape organizations for the better.

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