One of the most exciting ICF accredited programs on the market is in your hands now! Team coaching can provide numerous benefits for coaches, leaders, team managers, HR leaders, and executives. Internal team coaching, as example, offers a variety of advantages that can help to increase productivity, build stronger teams, and improve overall business outcomes.

One of the primary benefits of team coaching is that it can help leaders to develop a more comprehensive understanding of their teams’ strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. By working with an experienced coach, leaders can learn how to identify team dynamics, assess individual and collective strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies for enhancing team performance.

Another key advantage of team coaching is that it can help to create a culture of trust, collaboration, and accountability within the team. Through coaching, team members can learn how to communicate more effectively, build stronger relationships, and work together more seamlessly. This can lead to improved morale, higher levels of engagement, and better overall team performance.

To fully realize the benefits of team coaching, it’s important to receive specific training on the topic. Training can help leaders to understand the underlying principles of coaching, develop key coaching skills, and learn how to apply these skills in a team setting. By receiving training from an experienced and ICF-accredited trainer, leaders can be sure that they are learning from the best in the field and are receiving the most up-to-date and effective coaching techniques.

One of the key benefits of being trained by an experienced and ICF-accredited coach is that it can help leaders to build a strong foundation of coaching knowledge and skills. By learning from someone who has extensive experience in coaching, leaders can gain valuable insights into the coaching process, develop a deeper understanding of the psychology of coaching, and learn how to apply coaching techniques to a wide range of situations.

In summary, team coaching can provide a wealth of benefits for experienced external and internal coaches, leaders, team managers, HR leaders, and executives. Through the latest team coaching methodologies, they can develop a deeper understanding of the teams’ strengths and weaknesses, create a culture of trust and collaboration, and improve overall team performance. To fully realize these benefits, it’s important to receive specific training on the topic and to be trained by an experienced and ICF-accredited coach.

This Team Coaching program offers trained and experienced coaches and leaders an opportunity to learn and develop team coaching skills. The program follows the ICF Team Core Competencies and includes readings, lectures, group discussions, exercises, and case presentations.


By the end of the program participants will be able to:

  • Understand and implement the ICF Team Core Competencies the way to benefit your teams and organizations
  • Understand the process of team coaching interventions and use it in order to increase the efficiencies of your teams
  • Differentiate team coaching from other modalities such as team building, group facilitation and help teams learn from you how to utilize that approach
  • Take the team dynamics knowledge, add the five dysfunctions of a team and get your practice and leadership to the next level by learning how the vertical and horizontal learning and personality differences can be addresses in a new and more applicable way
  • Understand the complexity of the systemic team coaching
  • Understand the role that diversity and inclusion play in team coaching


The Program is presented over 6 months with two sessions per month around ICF Team Coaching Competencies. Each session last 2 hours.

Participants can miss up to 50% of the program but if so, they need to follow an exact protocol so their hours get recognized. Participants can´t participate only in parts of the sessions. Need to attend the whole session and participate actively in exercises and activities so can´t be in public spaces, driving, or doing other activities. The cameras need to be on. There will be readings in advance for the classes and reaction papers.

When missing a session participants need to watch the recording and prepare a report answering preassigned questions within one week of the missed session and before the next session. This is a requisite to stay in the program.

Participants also need to engage in discussion forums around the program readings and prepare three reports with learnings from the readings.

Program Logistics:

Team Coaching Training is offered in an online format on Two options: October to February in the Morning format and March to October in the afternoon format. The morning session goes from 9 to 11 AM EST and session 2 goes from 6.00 to 8.00 PM EST. Both cohorts will be Mondays and Wednesdays.

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