Coaching supervision is a reflective space and the coach supervisor should demonstrate competencies at providing a safe environment for the coaches to work on themselves for their own benefit as well as for their clients.

The offering follows EMCC core competencies model and support coaching supervisors to develop skills to build a foundation for the coach/supervisor relationship, to navigate ethical dilemmas, to provide emotional support and to offer techniques, models and theories to support coach´s work.

Coaching Supervision is a partnership and the supervisor may apply their creativity to provide learning opportunities for the coach, including use of pictures, bodywork, magic box, metaphors, etc.

Coaching Supervisors may apply the 7-eyed Model of Hawkins and psychodynamic, gestalt and transactional analysis distinctions in the work with coaches and be effective at intervening at individual as well as group level.

Daniela Aneva offers both group and individual coach supervision.