Team Coaching Supervision is fostering learning to take place within in a small group cohort, to provide a collaborative experience alongside other like-minded coaches looking to cultivate their personal growth.

Team Coaching Supervision is a team development process to promote collaboration, efficiency and quality of work in order to improve team performance and achievement of common goals.

Team Supervision/Coaching is a very good support for teams in situations when it’s necessary:

  • create a common vision for the future, common goals and action plan;
  • arrange the structure – responsibilities, roles and resources;
  • resolve mutual conflicts or problem situations;
  • learn more effective ways of communication and collaboration;
  • unlock the potential of the team through the disclosure of individual talents;
  • prepare the team for changes and support it through the change process;
  • promote mutual trust and reliability;
  • build a cohesive, self-motivated and loyal team;
  • create an environment for generating new approaches and innovative ideas.

Team coaching supervision is distinctly different from coach mentoring. Mentoring is about developing and deepening your competencies as a team coach; coaches applying for an ICF credential are required to have a minimum of 10 hours mentoring. The aim of coaching supervision is to support your ongoing growth and development as coach.

It Supervision is a safe space in which you can reflect on teams you are coaching, the impact you are making and how the work is impacting you. Supervision supports you in developing who you are a team coach, through the lens of the 4 C’s: competence, confidence, congruence and coherence.

Team coaching can be deeply rewarding, and it can also be very challenging work on many levels! It can test us morally and ethically, we can get hooked by team dynamics, or consumed by the system and unable to see a way through. Supervision provides you with the support and challenge you need on the road to mastery as a team coach.

There are many coach supervisors available to choose from for one-to-one coaching, however very few are qualified supervisors, and practiced and experienced team coaches. Team coaching is way more complex and demanding than one-to-one coaching, so we recommend that all practicing team coaches receive ongoing supervision from a professional team coaching supervisor.

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