I recognize that the past is behind me, and my attempts at getting them back are a waste of time. I let go of yesterday and make today my most productive time ever.


As I ponder over my thoughts, I resist thinking that my past defines me. Although my past created me, I hold myself back from assuming it can hold me back from living the life I want. I know that I am free to choose what I do, and I exercise that choice in every area.


I know I may experience challenges along the way, but I accept those challenges as opportunities to grow. I learn from these experiences and express gratitude for every adventure. I look forward to tomorrow.


I leave the past in the past and stay focused only on today. Because I am open to new possibilities, the past has little sway over my thoughts and actions.


Rather than thinking of past regrets and wishing things had turned out differently, I am glad for everything that has happened in my life. And I am ready for the next adventure.


I feel grateful for each breath. I breathe fully and receive deeply and abundantly. I am whole and satisfied.


There are so many things I want to accomplish. I am determined to fulfill my dreams and goals. I know that today is all I have. So, I am committed to making my life extraordinary and meaningful.


Today, I choose to live within my means, to spend time wisely, and share my talents freely.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. What can I do today to make more room for my priorities?
  2. What relationships are most important to me?
  3. What type of work do I want to expend more energy and time on?

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