Building cohesive teams with optimal engagement and cultural alignment is challenging for many businesses. This is why team coaching is integral to building stronger teams and driving efficiencies. Daniela Aneva, an ICF-accredited team coaching specialist, speaker, and author, is helping businesses build cohesive teams through tailored coaching approaches.

Daniela Aneva creates leadership models and approaches that drive efficiency, psychological safety, professional development, and team engagement. Her focus on driving support for new teams helps businesses achieve growth and scale. Team coaching is more effective because it focuses on building a harmonized team dynamic. Leveraging her 23 years of professional experience in leadership positions and working as an executive, leadership, and team coach since 2009, Daniela has supported more than 3000 managers, leaders, and teams worldwide. Her extensive experience and expertise have seen her work as a coach for Amazon, Google, Capital One, Walmart, and many more large, multinational organizations as an executive coach.

For new teams post-M&A integration, learning to work collaboratively and communicate effectively is essential. Her coaching approach focuses on fostering a culture of psychological safety that maintains cohesiveness and efficiencies even post layoffs. Daniela works closely with leadership teams to identify areas that need improvement and then tailors coaching programs that help address these inefficiencies, equipping the team with the necessary skills to achieve their personal and collective goals.

Each Team coaching process is different as Teams are really unique and they need customized approaches for their stage of growth and maturity.

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