Welcome to our Exclusive ICF Mentoring Session Recording Program!

Are you a coach pursuing your ICF credential and in need of personalized guidance and feedback? Look no further! Our program offers a unique opportunity for you to receive comprehensive mentoring by having your own coaching session recordings reviewed by an MCC-level coach.

Advantages of MCC Coach Listening to Your Recordings:

🎯 Tailored Guidance: Our MCC-level coach will carefully listen to your submitted coaching session recordings. They will provide you with in-depth insights and guidance on what to do differently, based on your unique coaching case. This personalized approach ensures that you receive targeted recommendations aligned with your specific coaching style and goals.

📈 Continuous Improvement: Each recording you submit becomes a valuable building block for your progress. Our MCC-level coach will take note of your strengths, areas for improvement, and growth opportunities. With every subsequent recording, they will track your development and provide feedback that builds upon previous sessions. This ensures a continuous journey of improvement and growth.

🎁 Bonus Listening Time: As part of this program, the time our MCC-level coach spends listening to your recordings is a significant gift to you. You are not expected to pay for this additional mentoring time separately. We understand the value of thorough feedback and aim to provide it to you as part of our commitment to your success.

Program Overview:

📅 Program Duration: 10 hours of dedicated session recording listening and feedback.

🚩 Program Structure:

  1. You submit your coaching session recordings (up to 30-45 minutes in length).
  2. Our MCC-level coach reviews your recordings and prepares detailed feedback.
  3. Scheduled 60-minute life-review and feedback sessions where you discuss the coach’s observations, recommendations, and strategies for improvement.

⚠️ Submission Requirements: Please submit your recordings at least 48 hours before the scheduled session to allow ample time for review.

✨ Unlock your coaching potential and accelerate your journey to obtaining your ICF credential with our Individual Mentoring Program! This is your chance to receive personalized feedback from an MCC-level coach and make significant strides in your coaching career.

Spaces in this exclusive program are limited, so don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity for growth and development.

Contact us today to secure your spot and begin your transformative mentoring experience!

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